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How it works

Start the camera and frame the object. A box will appear once it has been identified.

Identify the object

Start the camera and frame the object. A box will appear once it has been identified.

Walk around the object by framing it from different angles, as if you were recording a video

Scan the object

Walk around the object by framing it from different angles, as if you were recording a video.

Wait for the application to process the scan and turn it into an accurate 3D model

Wait for processing

Wait for the application to process the scan and turn it into an accurate digital twin.

Download your project and send it to your developer to embed on your website, or use the QR Code to display it in your smartphone (iOS or Android).

Share your project

Download your project and send it1 to your developer to embed on your website, or use the QR Code2 to display it in your smartphone (iOS or Android).

Pro version

3DtoMe Pro

Our offer do not stop there! Subscribe to access incredible features to manage and enhance your 3D models:

Embed iFrame

Embed iFrame

Thanks to our tool you can embed the 3D model directly on your website by simply pasting the code string that will be generated. Visitors to the site in this way will not have to download any app.

Integrate annotations

Integrate annotations

Enrich your projects by adding detailed information about materials used, dimensions, and many other crucial aspects.

Add links and actions

Add links and actions

Through custom actions you can make the 3D model even more engaging and interactive by adding Call-to-Action (CTA) linked to web pages, documents, additional information or any other relevant resource.

QR Code

QR Code

You will be able to share your 3D model through the generation of a unique QR Code. By simply scanning the QR code with your smartphone or other mobile device, you will have instant access to the 3D model, without the need for any app.

Vertical / horizontal positioning

Vertical / horizontal positioning

Choose how place your object, either on a horizontal plane, such as a cabinet or coffee table, or on a vertical plane, such as a picture or air conditioner.

KPI Analysis

KPI Analysis

This section provides a detailed view of the performance, user engagement and effectiveness of the models themselves. It will help you track views, highlight user behaviors, and infer conversion rate.

App features

A guided tutorial will help you create your 3D model.
The identified object is highlighted by a box.
The guide will help you scan the object from all angles.
Once the scan is complete, all you have to do is wait for the model to be processed.
View the result of your scan directly in the app.
Place your digital twins in the real world thanks to Augmented Reality.
Share your models through QR Codes.
Embed your models directly into your website or e-commerce.
Create an unlimited number of projects.


The app is user-friendly and intuitive, making it accessible to everyone.

Fast processing

Fast processing

The app generates detailed 3D models in just a matter of minutes.

Increased Accuracy

Increased Accuracy

Simply walk around the object, as if you were filming a video, to optimize the capture of all details.

Faster scanning speed

Faster scanning speed

The new version of 3DtoMe will allow you to minimize the need for prolonged positions or repeating the process allowing you to get even faster and more efficient results.

No expertise needed

No expertise needed

The app eliminates the need for specialized knowledge or training in 3D modeling.

Professional-grade quality

Professional-grade quality

Designed to produce professional-grade quality 3D models.

Less file weight

Less file weight

Save storage space and speed up the upload and download processes. Models made by 3DtoMe weigh only a few MB.

Fully guided acquisition

Fully guided acquisition

To optimize the creation of the 3D model, the app offers as support a graphical guide that shows the completion status of the scan.


Don't believe what we say? See for yourself.

Use cases

Users who choose 3DtoMe

Screen shows how 3DtoMe works


All companies with online stores can use our application to create high-quality 3D models of their products.

Industrial design

Industrial design

Designers and engineers can use 3DtoMe to create 3D models of prototypes or components. These models help evaluate the design, identify any problems, and improve the product development process.

Cultural heritage preservation

Cultural heritage preservation

Museums, cultural institutions, and archaeologists can create 3D models of historical objects and archaeological artifacts for digital preservation and analysis at any time.

Interior design

Interior design

Interior designers and furniture retailers can use our app to create 3D models of furniture objects. The app allows them to understand how furniture fits into a given space.

Fashion industry

Fashion industry

Fashion houses can create 3D models of their accessories, handbags, jewelry and more with 3DtoMe.

Food and beverage

Food and beverage

Restaurants, cafes, and food delivery can use 3D models to create visually appealing menus. Customers can see realistic representations of dishes, Helping them make more informed choices.

Everyone who wants to have fun!

Everyone who wants to have fun!

Everyone can try our app to create 3D models even if just for fun or to share them on social media.


3D model results

The 3D models generated are in USDZ format. Thanks to our integrated model sharing service you won't need technical skills and you can show your 3D model to anyone. Even to those who don't have 3DtoMe.

In fact, on Mac, Windows and Linux you can view 3D models directly in your browser just like you are doing with the models above. Mobile devices can also view the 3D model simply by framing the QR Code. Try it yourself!

Frame the QR Code with your smartphone to view the 3D model.

Preview of the geta sandal


Perfect for your e-commerce

It works perfectly with every e-commerce platform like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and many others. Using 3D model show the value of products early and speed up the sales cycle and helps you make the shopping experience more compelling and memorable. 3D gives shoppers a true sense of product quality and a store-like experience.


How to embed the iFrame?


Generate the iFrame

Use the 3DtoMe app to generate the iFrame code for your 3D model. This iframe code includes the 3D model, the style and all the augmented reality features.


Copy and paste the code

Go to your website or your favorite e-commerce platform and paste the iframe code in the right place. Done!


Embed on Shopify

  • Log in to the admin panel.
  • Go to the product or page where you want to embed the 3D model.
  • In the product or page description, paste the copied iFrame code.
  • Save the changes and view the result.
Paste the iFrame code in the text editor.
You will automatically see a preview of the iFrame content.
View the result.
WooCommerce WordPress

Embed on WooCommerce or on any WordPress page

  • Log in to the admin panel.
  • Go to the product or page where you want to embed the 3D model.
  • In the product or page description, paste the copied iFrame code.
  • Save the changes and view the result.
Paste the iFrame code in the text editor of any page, article or product.
Save the changes and go to the page or product to view the result.
Immersive shopping experience

Embed on your website or on any HTML page

  • Open the desired page with your favorite HTML editor.
  • Paste the iFrame code in the point where you want to display the 3D model.
  • Save the changes and view the result.
Immersive shopping experience

Immersive shopping experience

3D models offer customers the opportunity to explore products in an interactive and realistic manner, creating an engaging shopping experience. This innovative feature allows customers to have a deeper understanding of desired products. They can rotate, zoom in, and view them from every angle, enabling them to fully evaluate the quality, design, and features, thus creating an emotional involvement in the purchasing process.

Conversion rate


Conversion rate1

Customer engagement


Customer engagement2

Users who prefer shopping with AR


Users who prefer shopping with AR1

Number of returns


Number of returns3

1 source: DHL.com2 source: marketsplash.com3 source:

Reducing the number of returns for incomplete or inaccurate information

Reducing the number of returns for incomplete or inaccurate information

Returns of online purchases often occur due to discrepancies between customer expectations and the actual product. 3D models allow customers to examine product details from different angles, understand dimensions, and appreciate its appearance. The engaging experience provided by 3D models enables customers to have a more comprehensive understanding of the product before making a purchase, helping to reduce the gap between expectations and reality.

Products in AR


Revolutionize the way customers shop by enabling them to make more informed decisions, enhancing their shopping experience, and providing your business with a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Increase trust in purchase decisions

Increase trust in purchase decisions

Explore and evaluate desired products in your environment thanks to AR, to increase confidence in the decision-making process and reduce ambiguity at the time of purchase.

Interactive and engaging experience

Interactive and engaging experience

Let your customers explore products in an engaging and interactive way thanks to augmented reality by seeing them in their own environments, for a unique and immersive shopping experience.

Differentiation and competitive advantage

Differentiation and competitive advantage

Offer your customers a unique and innovative service to differentiate yourself from all your competitors.

Cost savings and efficiency

Cost savings and efficiency

Thanks to 3DtoMe you can save on shipping costs for returns by optimizing the efficiency in the choice of items desired by customers.


KPI Analytics

A dedicated 'KPI analytics' section provides you with a detailed view of performance, user engagement, and the effectiveness of the models themselves. These data and charts can guide you in improving your marketing strategy, user experience, and achieving your conversion goals. Some benefits include:

  • View tracking
  • Average viewing time
  • Conversion rate
  • User behavior
  • Product insights
  • Performance optimization
KPI Analytics

Why you should choose us

“Behind big projects, there is a lot of work, passion and a great team”


dilium is an innovative PMI that, through specific skills in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Technology Innovation Management (TIM) sector, offers innovative technological solutions to support companies in the growth of their business.

In the field from the beginning

We have been working on the development of projects based on Emerging Technologies, like Augmented Reality, for the digital evolution of B2B and B2C channels since 2017.


dilium can boast a young and diverse team, which makes diverse knowledge and skills its strength. The young age of the team enables us to be constantly flexible and updated on market demands and trends, ready to meet new needs.


Working with Emerging Technologies since the very beginning, we have developed a rich and diversified know-how gained over our 7 years of experience.


Our Pricing

We offer great prices, premium products and quality service for your business.


Yearly(Save 20%)

Free Plan

Free Plan

  • Create an unlimited number of digital twins of any object.

  • With the free plan, you can only download and share your models in USDZ format and won't have the ability to embed them on websites or view them after scanning a QR code.

Download now
Pro Plan

Pro Plan

12 mo
120,99 yr
  • Create an unlimited number of digital twins of any object.

  • Your models will be saved in the cloud to prevent loss in case of device damage or loss.

  • Using our pro editor you can add Call-to-Actions to your 3D model, such as links or other types of actions, to allow users to interact with it.

  • 3DtoMe provides you with this section so you can track the views users make on your 3D model. It also allows you to highlight user behaviors and infer conversion rate thanks to illustrative graphical support.

  • In addition to the default mode of horizontal placement, with 3DtoMe's Pro subscription you can also take advantage of the ability to place your 3D models on the vertical plane for Augmented Reality visualization. An example would be air conditioners or paintings, usually placed on walls.

  • Generate a unique QR Code to display your 3D model. You can place it inside leaflets or posters. Users, in this case, will only need to scan the QR Code with their device (either iOS or Android) to view the 3D model.

  • Your 3D model is saved within a secure cloud space to allow you to embed it within your website or e-commerce. You simply copy and paste the code string that is provided directly from the 3DtoMe App.

  • Add detailed information about your project such as dimensions, materials used, and more to make your 3D model even more complete.

Download and get 7 day free trial
Corporate Plan

Corporate Plan

Contact us

    Everything included in the Pro plan plus:

  • Connection with Professional MacBook Scanning Tool
  • Model Editor (Colors, Textures, Materials)
  • API Integration
  • Single Sign-On
  • On-Premises
  • Professional Photography Service for Advanced Scans
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What our customers say about us

Having never been able to experience photogrammetry, I thought it was more complicated and, instead, I was able to create a 3D model in a few minutes without any problems. Great app, extremely intuitive even for beginners like me.


I used the app to create 3D models of my products to put in my online store and the effect was amazing. Thanks to the AR visualization I was able to greatly improve the shopping experience for my customers. Easy to use and a must for anyone involved in e-commerce!


I've tried several apps like this, but 3DtoMe is by far the best. The quality is outstanding and the processing speed is amazing. The app is complete and has streamlined my workflow. Great job!


Initially I was a bit skeptical about changing the menu of my restaurant, but in the end the augmented reality display of my dishes was a great success with my customers. Much better than simple photos printed on menus! Highly recommended!



Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find an answer to your question, you can send us a message via our contact form.

Photogrammetry is a technology that allows you to create 3D models simply from a video recording of the object taken from different angles. This shot is processed to obtain a 3D model of the object in question. Photogrammetry is a widely used technique for creating high-quality 3D models.

The application uses a photogrammetry algorithm to create 3D models (Apple API) starting from a video recording of the object. Simply shoot the object you want from different angles, following the graphic guide that will appear around the object, to obtain a high-quality 3D model in just a few minutes.

The application only works on Apple PRO devices that have a LiDAR camera. Compatible devices:
- iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max
- iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max
- iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max
- iPad Pro (fourth generation)
- iPad Pro (fifth generation)
- iPad Pro (sixth generation)

The application works best with small objects, such as design objects, furniture items, fashion items, food and beverages, jewelry, craft products, small archaeological finds (e.g. vases), and objects of cultural value. The application also works with large objects, such as cars, motorcycles, boats, etc., but it may be less accurate.

Photogrammetry is a very effective method for creating high-quality 3D models.

Place your object on a non-reflective and stable surface to avoid unwanted movements. Try to place the object in a place with uniform light to avoid strong shadows and reflections. Shoot the object from different angles to capture all the details, moving around it. To facilitate the correct processing of the 3D model we have inserted a guide in the shape of a disc that highlights which points of the subject have been correctly taken and which instead need a further step. Make sure not to move or move the object. Finally, for the creation of a complete 3D model, you will have the possibility to take a picture of all sides of the object.

3DtoMe will take just over a minute to create the 3D model of the object.

Yes, of course. You can share and export your 3D models through iFrame or by generating a unique QR code, but only if you have a Pro or Corporate subscription. With the Free subscription, you can only download your 3D models in USDZ format.

No, in order to embed the 3D model within your e-commerce or other website, you'll need to subscribe to a Pro or Corporate plan.

Yes, of course. Once the model is created, each user can sell it on dedicated platforms. dilium is not responsible in case of violation of image rights.

Absolutely, viewing 3D models by scanning QR Code or via View AR on website is possible from all devices, so not just Apple.

Yes, you can. The application also works without an internet connection. However, in order to save the 3D model to the cloud and share it, an internet connection is required.

Once you have finished processing your 3D model, you will be sent back to the main menu. In order to view your result you will need to click on the icon next to your project (the green cube) which will allow you to see the 3D model and rotate, enlarge or shrink it to your liking. Also, at the bottom center, there will be an WebAR icon icon. Clicking on it will open the phone's camera, which will load the model into the surrounding space.

The 3DtoMe app was created both for creating 3D models for fun and, more importantly, to meet the needs of businesses to showcase their products in a clearer and more realistic way, allowing customers to make a more informed choice before making a purchase.

In the case of a particularly complex object, it will be necessary to record the video very precisely so that the camera can capture all the details of the object. Otherwise, the application might generate a low-quality model or even fail to generate one. Regarding objects with reflective surfaces, the application might have difficulty creating a quality model.

The application supports USDZ formats for iOS and GLB formats for Android.

A model can weigh from 5 to 20 MB, depending on its size.

The app can mainly be used on mobile devices, but in the case of purchasing a Corporate license, it is possible to get the desktop application extension (MacOS) to manage and edit the 3D models.

3DtoMe is an application that can be used by anyone, both for pure fun and curiosity, and by businesses or commercial activities. Some examples could include:
- e-commerce sites
- industrial designers
- cultural institutions, museums, or archaeologists
- interior designers
- fashion industry
- restaurants, bars, or food delivery companies
- and many more!

Users of 3DtoMe can create an infinite number of 3D models using our application entirely for free. In case they need to share their projects on websites or flyers, they will need to subscribe to a Pro or Corporate plan, which also provide many other functionalities for enriching the models themselves.

No commissions will be charged for transactions made by users/customers when purchasing displayed products. Similarly, no commissions will be charged based on the number of views users make while viewing the 3D models.

No, to view the 3D models simply frame the unique QR Code associated with the model with your device or, from the website, simply click on WebAR icon icon to be able to view the 3D model in your environment thanks to WebAR.

WebAR, i.e. Web-based Augmented Reality, is nothing more than a type of augmented reality that can be used via web rather than through a dedicated app. WebAR adds, when browsing a normal website, a new captivating, rewarding and highly engaging experience for your user.


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